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Local DK Diner Is a Great Place To Eat Donuts

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Grant Varner - May 1, 2013

The DK Diner steals the hearts and souls of minions who want to stop by and grab a delicious donut.

Grandview Heights, Ohio is a hotspot for foodie critics and has been known for its restaurant foodie reviews. One restaurant that has been receiving a lot of hooplah lately for its great food is the DK Diner.

The DK Diner is a cute little diner that at one time, only served donuts. Now, the DK Diner has expanded their menu to include a huge variety of breakfast items, as well as lunch and dinner. They have also just renovated the restaurant and extended their hours for those looking for a late night donut.

My cousin, Joey Bertani and I went to the DK Diner in search of quality foodie pics for our instagram accounts (@foodiegrant & @foodiejoey) and a foodie review on my foodie website, www.foodiegrant.webstarts.com.

From my experience with the DK Diner I found that food was great and the quality of food along with the experience of eating there had to be ranked at about a 9.5/10 on my personal @foodiegrant scale.

I ordered the chicken tenders and chilli cheese fries and I was not disappointed with my choice! The portions were huge and the chilli cheese fries had me wanting seconds! I finished off the meal with a warm glazed donut that was equally as delicious as the meal I had devoured.

My cousin @foodiejoey ordered the club sandwich and he loved it. The meat was fresh and the bacon was just crispy enough to give the sandwich texture but not too crispy to overpower the soft ham or turkey.

He had his club sandwich with a side of homemade sea salted crispy potato chips. They went perfect with the sandwich but never failed to disappoint as sometimes a side of chips can get boring.

The service at the DK is always wonderful and the servers will go out of their way to give you great service with a smile. When you walk into the doors of the DK you get a warm feeling inside knowing that the donuts are always fresh.

Although the menu at the DK is large and sometimes intimidating for a rookie, you will never go wrong with whatever choice you make. Some days I will just order a random item on the menu when I’m looking for something new and it always ends up being great.

I took the time to ask GHHS freshman, Micah Miller some questions about what he thought about his experience at the DK. He enlightened me on his opinions and gave me insight on his love for the DK Diner.

Micah Miller was a big fan of his time at the DK Diner: “I would rate it a 7.5 on the experience scale.” WOW! That rating is so good it could even be rounded up to 10 giving it a score of 10/10 on the experience scale!

When asked if he would suggest the DK Diner to someone who is new to Grandview he confidently replied, “I would rate that a 9.2 on the suggestion scale because it’s quality food. It’s a family business and you gotta keep them running.” I love family business’s as much as the next guy and the DK happens to be one! Sounds like a win win situation to me!

Micah Miller also had a favorite part about the DK that he shared with me. He said, “The best part about the DK Diner is their hamburgers because I really like the onions on them, they chop them up really nice. And I like their omelettes, they’re nice and fluffy. And it’s a family business. I like family businesses. It’s probably a 9.5 on the great food scale.” Who doesn’t like nicely chopped onions and fluffy omelettes? No one because everyone love them!

The DK Diner has started as a cute little donut shop and has now evolved into a Mecca-powerhouse-foodie friendly-one stop shop for good eats. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just ask the millions of dedicated DK fans who eat there every day. Everyone loves the DK Diner and if you don’t you should see a doctor immediately.

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